Empathy Value Index

The power of empathy

Empathy, the ability to sympathise with each other, to connect with and understand others, is something that sets us humans apart from all other living creatures. That is why we are convinced empathy is one of the cornerstones of all forms of communication between people, from brand to consumer and from employer to employee. And we are convinced because we researched the subject together with InSites Consulting: the outcome of this study is the Empathy Value Index™ (EVI).

Below you will discover how the power of empathy can strengthen the connection between employer and employee, or between brand and consumer.

Empathy Value Index™


The power of empathy on the work floor

The world is changing rapidly and this also impacts the work floor. An overall feeling of looming uncertainty is our new everyday reality. Empathy enables employees to deal with this. The Empathy Value Index™, Employer edition, describes five pillars that are decisive in recruiting employees and in keeping them involved and satisfied.

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Empathy Value Index™


Discover the power of empathic brands

Today’s consumers are critical and expect brands to have a positive impact on their lives by showing they understand them and acting accordingly. The Empathy Value Index, Brand edition, identifies four pillars brands can use to build an authentic long-term relationship with consumers.

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