Empathy Value Index


Teleworking, flexible hours, digital possibilities... Covid has transformed the workplace much faster than we ever could have imagined. The human contact we used to take for granted is no longer self-evident. Perhaps we have even come to appreciate it more. The pandemic is more or less over but returning to the old normal is no longer an option. This also means that the expectations employees have of their employers have changed. They want more respect, responsibility, inclusivity, diversity, equality and transparency. 

More than ever, finding staff and retaining them is a huge challenge for any employer. Empathy is a powerful tool because it impacts the KPIs of your organisation. Employees must feel their employer understands them (GETS ME), that they are being treated fairly (FAIR TO ME), that they are being heard (COMMUNICATES WITH ME), that he genuinely takes them into account (SHOWS ME) and that he gives them responsibility (EMPOWERS ME). This is corroborated by the results of a study we conducted in conjunction with InSites Consulting. Moreover, the Empathy Value Index™, Employer edition, outlines how employers can improve their score.

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Employees are so much more than walking pay slips. They are people with a unique personality and private lives who have a personal commitment to their job and an individual way of working. They look for an employer who understands these differences and genuinely cares about the way in which they want to use their talent and develop their skills. They reach their full potential if their employer has realistic expectations.


Life isn’t fair but an empathic employer is! Whether it’s gender, religion, sexual orientation, colour or any human parameter, they shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to challenges, opportunities and remuneration. We’ve made great progress and there is still a long way to go but we will get there. Tolerance is the key concept here and we should implement a policy of zero tolerance towards those who cross the line.


Communication always works both ways. Mutual trust cannot exist unless you are free to speak your mind. Employees feel better when they are asked for their opinion and are involved in the decision-making process. Empathy is the fastest way of finding each other and it is the source of loyalty and commitment. Because employees who are ‘part of the family’ are prepared to go to greater lengths in order to achieve great things.


A healthy and inspiring work environment is a place where people can be themselves and count on each other. This creates an atmosphere where colleagues can also become friends and form a genuine team. It is a place where no one takes a job well done for granted. Giving compliments is easy and it’s always nice to get one. Showing empathy means you really do care.


No one likes being told what to do. Employees want to be consulted and heard. They want to feel appreciated and be treated fairly. They deserve the trust to determine their own work-life balance and have a say in their remuneration package. And they must be stimulated to keep developing their talents. All of these things make for a truly empathic employer. For real.

Empathy on your work floor

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