Empathy Value Index

Consumers identify up to 4 times more with empathic brands.

The concurrent crises we are going through right now mean that brands are constantly in change mode. They must adapt to an increasingly faster-changing world and to new consumer needs and expectations.

Empathic communication is the key to connect with consumers. Our second Empathy Value Index study confirms that empathy is not only one of the cornerstones of human interaction but also the path brands and businesses must follow to create strong and lasting connections with their customers.

Our role as a communication agency is also evolving. More than ever we aim to help and guide our customers in better understanding their target groups and develop communication that meets their expectations and lifestyles.

For Real!

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The Empathy Value Index model is the first evidence-based study that researches the correlation between empathy and brands.

  • The study was conducted in conjunction with market research agency InSites Consulting from September 26 through October 6 2022. 
  • We examined 120 brands from 9 industries using a representative sample of 2,400 Belgian consumers. Every brand was rated by at least 100 users.

Some surprising results:

  1. 63% of Belgians find empathy important with brands.
  2. Brands score low on empathy.
  3. The higher the empathy score, the stronger the brand performs on marketing KPIs (awareness, consideration, purchase intention, loyalty) and NPS.

How empathic is your brand?

Empathic brands achieve their marketing KPI's faster. 

If you want to know more about how your brand rates on the Empathy Value Index, individually or compared to the competition, be sure to contact us.

We have developed a series of workshops that reveal perceptions of your brand and that result in recommendations on how to boost empathy for your brand and thereby achieve your marketing goals.

Contact our Strategy Director Bart De Leeuw: bart@theovaloffice.be +32 486 13 91 51