Move to dance!

The Proxy Night was the dazzling finale to an internal SD Worx campaign: Unite for Proxy Night. The employee campaign in the first half of 2022 proved to be a great success. All Belgian SD Worx employees walked and cycled as many minutes as their physique could fathom, not only for a good cause, but also to collect surprises that they would receive at their own party. An online platform did not only give a day-to-day update of the campaign – linked to Strava - but allowed employees to keep score and unlock rewards for achieved goals. 

The numerous inspiring activities kept the campaign alive for months. SD Worx'ers held walk-meetings, participated in aperitive sessions and mapped out Strava routes for family/family/friends, to win fun prizes. 

SD Worx employees helped to create the campaign's visual identity. Among other things, they gave the best of themselves in a photo shoot, thus motivating their employees to exercise, and connect with one other.

20 k

Euro collected for the good cause


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  • Proxy Night, the reward for all employees

    The employees' enthusiastic efforts were rewarded with a stunner of a party: the Proxy Night. After the final cycling minutes on stage, the presentation of numerous prizes, the handing over of a cheque of no less than 10,000 Euro each for Natuurpunt and the Red Cross for Ukraine, the party really started. It was a magnificent experience, with a lot of extras - earned by the employees - including a VR experience, a makeup room, a photobooth.... There even was a live band! And thanks to the diverse record collection of Kobe Ilsen and Viktor Verhulst the party lasted until early morning …