Looking for YES! people

"The Big YES!" It’s not exactly the same as The Big Jump, but it does share the same philosophy: say yes to a challenge. In this case, at SD Worx. We all know The Big YES! Feeling: it’s the euphoric moment when you get the call: you’re going to the next round! It’s the adrenaline rush when you finally land the job.

To expand its team of solution-oriented employees, SD Worx will recruit 75 new HR colleagues. Read: enthusiastic starters and recent graduates. Young employees who answer Yes! to questions like: 

"Do you have a positive mindset?",
"Are you at your best in a team?",
"Do you like to combine work and fun?",
"Do you like taking on new challenges?"


  • Employer Branding
  • The main focus of this campaign was the photo and video shoot with SD Worx employees. The outcome? Great images, if we do say so ourselves. The photos ended up in SD Worx's socials, on trams, and became an important part of the SD Worx exhibition stand (used at job and recruitment fairs across Belgium).  

    The promotion of the web platform is done via a digital (mailings) and social media campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and various online and live job fairs. The Big YES! is an experience-driven recruitment journey in several steps, starting with an online registration, leading to the grand finale: a four-day onboarding Masterclass to the Ardennes.

    The Big YES! campaign is still running and, thanks to its great success, is also being used in other countries. 

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