Connecting people with an interactive sports experience

Ever since the release of the legendary barrel throwing monkey (Donkey Kong) Nintendo has been focusing on creating and reinventing family friendly console fun. In households throughout the world, parents and their children battle each other on the Mario Kart-race tracks and have great fun with Mario Bros and the legendary Zelda. Nintendo has always been about connecting generations. And we have always been about connecting brands with people.  

The past decade we have established a deep and heartfelt relationship with Nintendo Benelux by connecting the brand with its consumers, retailers, influencers, journalists and – of course - fans. How? By creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that bring Nintendo’s games, and characters, to life.

We are wherever Nintendo goes: festivals, theme parks, shopping centres, and holiday destinations. We take Nintendo on tour and bring their newest games closer to their fans. In 2022 we created the ‘Nintendo Switch Sports On Tour’, allowing fans to enjoy the newest consoles. Kids, youngsters, and the occasional adult were able to swing, kick, and spike their way to victory by playing some of the latest games, including Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario Strikers. We did not throw barrels. Coz that’s monkey business.

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