A smartphone bursting with color

Autumn 2022 – Finally, the Google Pixel Smartphone was ready to hit the European market. For the occasion, the agency In Good Company dreamt up the Pixel in Bloom campaign, full of cheerful blossoms to counteract the dreary gray of winter. Plus, the metaphor was clear. The Google smartphone was destined to brighten up the European smartphonescape. The Oval Office handled the campaign’s production and execution in the Netherlands.

And we capitalized on the element of surprise. The journalists and influencers invited to the launch event had no idea they were about to meet the all-new Pixel. Still, the Google rumor mill was abuzz with activity due in part to a video deployed as a teaser. However, what Google had up its sleeve for the day? That remained a mystery. So, the jaws definitely hit the floor when Martijn Bertisen, the Dutch VP, showed up to the press conference to announce the arrival of Google’s Pixel, demonstrating some of the new smartphone’s main features with a few colleagues.

Guests got a closer look at those features during the dynamite party after. Several interactive installations gave leading influencers and other celebrities a chance to test-drive Google Pixel’s generous features. Plus, we shot plenty of event footage, later sharing several videos of the experience on social media and other channels.


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