A day filled with power on the Circuit of Zolder

Fifty years of BMW M, half a century of adrenaline, power, iconic designs and unlimited driving pleasure. The ideal setting to create the event of the year for all BMW M fans. The goal? Highlight BMW's high-performance engines in different settings at the Circuit of Zolder. The outcome? We made The BMW M Fan Day 2022 about the fans and their love for BMW M, as the huddle phrase goes, together WE ARE M.  

The record figure of more than 10,000 visitors illustrated the great enthusiasm in Belgium for the iconic brand. We treated the fans to numerous on and off the track activities and celebrated this legendary anniversary between squealing tyres and roaring engines. One of the highlights of the two-day event was the presence of 11 out of 19 existing BMW Art Cars on display on the circuit. This was the very first time in history that a country brought together so many BMW Art Cars into one location. What a way to mark this golden era!

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