How an interactive magazine connects 1,700 employees

The biennial in-house Actiris Magazine celebrated its 14th edition in 2023. Only offline? No, sirree. There is an online version as well. Besides videos, podcasts and animations, the online magazine dives a little deeper into hot topics and presents appendices on different cases.   

The Oval Office is responsible for the creation of both the paper and the online magazine; from concept and copywriting to photography and creative design. But we don’t do anything without a clear ‘go’. Coz the client’s always right. Right? 

Who reads what and when do they read it? It’s an important question, especially with regard to optimising the magazine's content. The reader data allows us to tailor the content of all coming magazines to the readers' interests. The goal? Create pride and commitment.

For each magazine, we really go the whole nine yards: we focus on creating original and connecting content with portraits of employees and teams, we highlight new services and tools, present in-depth interviews, give a look behind the scenes of a department and freshen everything up with snackable content. The result? A magazine that informs and inspires. The plus-result? Happiness all over.


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4 online editions


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