Magazines at the core of content marketing

As part of live communication, content marketing has proven to be a very cost-effective way of creating and distributing attractive, valuable and relevant content to audiences resulting in brand conversations and conversion. At The Oval Office, every day we plan, create and publish several pieces of content allowing our client brands to inspire and engage their consumers, customers or employees. The platforms on which we publish include websites, blogs, social media, newsletters, video, print and online magazines and live experiences.

5 main reasons why brands use content marketing (Source: Content Marketing Association)

  1. Increase sales
  2. Retain customers

  3. Build or reposition your brand

  4. Ability to integrate marketing channels

  5. Engage audiences long term


Magazines increase brand engagement

Because it is often hard to get the attention of the audiences between the amounts of content that is published, we regularly advise brands to follow a more traditional path to engage “eyeballs” and getting back to print magazines. Through magazines brands connect more deeply with customers and employees, establish thought leadership in a more meaningful way, and successfully distinguish them from their competitors.


5 main reasons why brands use magazines

  1. Connect more deeply and longer with audiences

  2. Establish thought leadership

  3. Boost brand loyalty

  4. Allow audiences to escape digital overload

  5. Increase revenue when linking magazine content to digital experiences


So more and more companies are investing in custom magazines as they consider it an effective and appealing mean to engage with their audience and increase brand loyalty. While readers understand that a magazine is a marketing tool, they welcome and enjoy reading branded content that inspires, informs and entertains them. Presenting their business in a more editorial format companies can position themselves as experts in their field, be a resource for information that is relevant to their audience and reinforce their brand story in a controlled environment. A magazine can also reinforce and prolong a live experience. It allows a brand to engage its audiences before or after an event with attractive and inspiring content related to the brand story.


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