The Oval Office wins Best Of Content Award for social elections campaign ABVV-Metaal

At the beginning of this week - coincidentally also the first week of the social elections - The Oval Office has been awarded a BOCA (Best of Content Award) for its experience-driven social elections campaign developed together with trade union ABVV-Metaal. The integrated campaign included a broad mix of print, online, audio and live communication. Due to the corona crisis the social elections, originally scheduled for May, were postponed to November. A second phase of the campaign ran between September and November.

Election campaign with a focus on content

Social elections are a benchmark moment in the ‘social life’ of a company. Every four years, employees elect their representatives to the consultative bodies. In order to support the candidates, militants and delegates of ABVV-Metaal in their communication to the voters, The Oval Office developed the “STAND WITH US”-campaign in co-creation with the communication team of ABVV-Metaal. Both very practical and more in-depth, inspiring content tailored to the different target groups was created and shared via an integrated mix of tools and media.

Experience-driven communication

All campaign content was centered around personal experiences. Online magazines, podcasts, newsletters and social media focused on real testimonies from local militants and delegates. In addition to the usual communication channels, the agency also developed company newspapers, interactive tools, a series of live events and two slam poems written and performed by Marijn ‘Bekvegter’ Nelen.


Client:  ABVV-Metaal
Client contacts: Marc Lenders, Mariëlle Degeeter, Dania Paternini
Agency: The Oval Office
Content creation: Janne Roelen, Joke Hofmans, Tom Goossens, Els Keuleers, Jesse Claes, Marie-Julie Dellaert
Creation & design: Roel Craen, Maurice Calle
Social: Egon Buyck
Live experiences: Melina Beckers, Vincent Thijs


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