jupiler 0,0% can you taste the difference?
                  Written by Susanne Bensdorp content producer @  The Oval Office Nederland
Susanne Bensdorp

 Alcohol, yay or nay?

You come across them at every party: men (yes, it is nearly always men) who claim with great bravado that they can tell the difference between an alcohol-free beer and a regular one. Without a hint of doubt. So, when we were asked at The Oval Office to develop an activation for Jupiler 0.0, the decision was easy: organize a blind tasting at a festival, giving the self-proclaimed beer connoisseurs the opportunity to prove themselves. Alcohol or not, that was the question.

 The people we want to reach as starting point

In retrospect, this approach seems pretty common sense and perhaps even obvious. But the campaign was also developed according to our trusted human-centric strategy. This means that our starting point is not the qualities of a product, but the ideas, needs and beliefs of the people we want to reach. Only in this way - and we are firmly convinced of this - can you as a brand build a meaningful relationship with your customers or target group. Allowing them to experience that your brand or product is a meaningful addition to their lives.

From briefing to inspiring experience

The basis of our strategic model is therefore the "experience briefing". In this, we define the target group and determine what the effect of the campaign should be. We then combine these insights with the promises of the brand or product to ultimately arrive at an "experience concept". An approach that leads to an inspiring experience for the target group that connects it solidly and emotionally with the brand.

 No alcohol? You must be joking….

And the beer drinkers? How surprised, or perhaps even disconcerted, many were that they had not tasted a regular beer, something they were convinced of, but a real 0.0. An experience they will not forget easily and that they will often think back to when standing at a supermarket shelf or at the bar in a cafe.


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