Written by Susanne Bensdorp, Content Producer


The same sentiment everywhere

Christmas is increasingly a time to celebrate with the family, eat good food and give gifts to the people you love. Meaning that a lot of advertising also plays into this. Nearly every brand has its own Christmas campaign, with more or less the same message every time: buy me, I am unmissable for that authentic Christmas feeling. As a result of all those wonderful campaigns however, which all play into the same sentiment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach the consumer. Because he or she cannot possibly see or remember them all, let alone distinguish one from the rest. So how do you stand out as a valuable brand? Well, by using a goat. What? We’ll explain.. 

The big story of your brand

The first step is to create repetition and recognizability. Make sure that your Christmas campaign isn’t stand-alone, but fits seamlessly into an integrated campaign, from social, RTV all the way to real-life experiences. Be consistent in your messaging, so that your communication around Christmas fits into the big story of your brand. By doing so, your target audience will be able to connect this to previous communications, confirming time after time their relationship with your brand and thus strengthening it. So, don't adjust your campaign to suit the Christmas season, but rather make sure that Christmas suits your campaign. 

Not selling, but connecting

During the snuggest time of the year, we are above all in search of connection. Does that also apply to your brand? At The Oval Office we are convinced that with connection as an objective, you are far more powerful than with a commercial motivation. In our previous mails we talked about the value of human centric and purpose within a campaign. And although this is of course important throughout the whole year, this contributes in the month of December more to the Christmas feeling of giving and being. Can you also turn this into an experience? Then well done, we think you're doing a great job! By making experience the core of your campaign, you reach the target group even more effectively.  

Brand love through a Christmas goat

Have you seen TK Maxx’s little goat yet? We think it’s a good example of a Christmas commercial that is well integrated into the existing marketing campaign. The commercial is tailored to Christmas, but entirely in the spirit of TK Maxx’s well-known message Big love, small prices.

This message displays beautiful layering. Yes, the small prices is commercial, but the big love creates space for connection. Big love for that one special item, for TK Maxx itself and also for the goat of course. TK Maxx reinforces this connection on their Instagram, where influencers post about TK Maxx and with fixed moments where TK Maxx reposts stories of shoppers. This gets a lot of likes and shares.


Are you ready for your own Christmas experience? To sit by the Christmas tree with mulled wine and stop thinking about work for a while?  Well, we are certainly looking forward to it and want to wish you a wonderful, warm Christmas and a healthy and eventful 2021!

The Oval Office 


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