Written by Evy Donse, Client Service Director

More fun to work with

Your employees are your most important capital. Everyone who runs or owns a company or heads up an HR department knows this. Committed - or better still: enthusiastic - employees can add enormous value to an organisation with their commitment. They stimulate and motivate their colleagues. They convey the values of the organisation and are the best ambassadors you could imagine. And they are more fun to work with, let’s not forget that either. 

Part of the family

But this commitment doesn’t come about by itself. As a company you must develop a good strategy for this and invest heavily in it. This necessity has always been there but has only become stronger in recent years because more and more people have started working from home. And the Covid-19 pandemic has only amplified this.  And so how do you keep your employees involved, and how do you give them the feeling of being part of a family when they barely see each other, or only through a monitor?

Sense of connection

You can of course connect them to you by constantly providing them with knowledge and information. But wouldn't it work much better if you let them experience that connection? In other words: if you let them undergo an experience?

To illustrate this, we developed our very own Employee Experience model:

Unknown possibilities

Because an experience is a great way to reach your employees not only on a knowledge level, but in particular on an emotional one too. Making - according to numerous studies - your message more impactful, longer-lasting and thus ultimately more effective and sustainable.

A live experience in times like these is of course a little complicated, but a lot more is possible online than you think. For example, for the 60th anniversary of Randstad, we developed a worldwide campaign including an online show with local chats, matchmaking, an online team game, etc. Employees from all over the world came into contact, which enabled us to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.


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