Experience Driven Communication brings brands and people closer together

The Oval Office is evolving into a full service creative communication agency, but one with its own vision: "Experience Driven Communication". To reinforce this move, the strategic and creative teams were expanded and the communication expertise sharpened.

Experiences enrich life and communication campaigns

More than ever, the power and importance of personal experiences became clear during the corona crisis.

Bart van Wanrooij, Managing Partner:“Suddenly we were no longer allowed to get (too close) together, all live events were forbidden and many of us could no longer even see their own parents. As a result, everyone discovered even more that we need each other and that we want to share experiences that matter. This applies not only from person to person, but also from person to brand. The Oval Office wants to build on this more than ever with strong campaigns and special experiences. To ensure that the maximum is achieved from that relationship for both parties. Hence "Experience Driven Communication".

Expertise in external and internal communication

In order to translate this vision into successful 360 ° communication campaigns, the agency strengthens its communication expertise.

Olivier Trop, Managing Partner:“In recent years, the demand for the use of experience communication as part of long-term campaigns has continued to increase. The Oval Office has played a pioneering role in this. For example, today we design employee engagement campaigns that reach from Asia to America, in no fewer than 12 languages. Naturally, this requires specific in-house expertise such as project management of content and media use and that of digital & social productions. We now have that expertise in-house. ”

The way in which the agency looks at communication challenges has also evolved further.

Kristof Snels, Executive Creative & Strategic Director: “We are expanding the baseline 'We make people experience brands' with 'We make brands experience people'. To make it clear that successful communication requires more than ever a two-way approach. People have always been central, but often as consumers. Experience Driven Communication looks at people as full participants in economic, social and cultural life with their own beliefs, values, preferences, goals and needs. In communication too, for us it must primarily be about inspiring and touching people and allowing them to experience the added value of brands. And vice-versa. Only in this way can you build lasting relationships "

Together with the live and activation teams, we design holistic campaigns that fully express the power of content and storytelling, digital & social, media, loyalty experiences, events and brand activations.

Isabelle De Schryver, Managing Partner:"We are more convinced than ever that real experiences (whether they are physical, hybrid or virtual) are a powerful medium to connect people and brands. With our new vision we are now going "all -the-way" in the campaigns we create: no communication without a live experience, no live experience without communication".