Guillaume AnciauxBy Guillaume Anciaux, Expert Live Experiences

For years, we have focused on creating real-life experiences for brands and organisations , either by engaging their customers or employees through live events and activations. Last year has challenged us to think differently and reinvent ourselves in terms of "live experiences". Since live events are forbidden by law since the pandemic, we cannot bring people together in a live environment but this does not mean that experiences gathering people for an engaging and memorable moment is forbidden.

That’s why at The Oval Office, we considered from the beginning digital events as an opportunity for brands to remain in contact with their target audiences and even grow their audience. With the help of technology, either 100% virtually or with a partial live element, our team of event experts decided to develop new kinds of digital experiences for our clients. In the course of the year 2020, we created many hybrid or digital events for different brands such as Actiris, Adecco Group, Elia, UGent, Great Place to Work, etc. In 2021 the trend will remain big!

Econnect : Actiris' annual employee event

The Oval Office strategically advises Actiris, the Brussels Regional Employment Office in their employee communication.  For 6 years, our agency has been organizing the annual Connect-event which brings together all Actiris employees (more than 1600 people). 

For the last edition, The Actiris eConnect consisted in a 2h interactive livestream, with a mix of live interviews, an interactive quiz, video reports, etc. The whole event was centered under the theme of the ongoing internal campaign, “Que fais tu chez Actiris?/Wat doet-jij bij Actiris”, whose aim is to make the employees aware that everyone has an essential role in realizing the organisation’s mission. All the content as well as the platform, the set-up, the script and the internal communication campaign, the visual identity was created and produced by The Oval Office. 

After the plenary event, people got the opportunity to participate in a networking moment between colleagues via the after-eConnect bubbles. Each bubble brought together people with particular interests, for example the bubble of gastronomy, music, sports, etc...  The eConnect was a great success since more than about 80% of the employees rated this edition as good or very good in the satisfaction survey and more than 50% people declared to have obtained interesting information during this session. 

"Connect of an incredible quality; and hyper rich in information! A virtual edition, but still more human than ever, and full of positive energy." -  Actiris eConnect participant 1

 "It was a huge success to be able to combine the virtual and the human, hats off !!!! " -  Actiris eConnect participant 2

Novartis kicks off 2021 with the Pharma business unit with an interactive digital meeting

Every year the business unit Pharma kicks off the year with a live event. This year, for obvious reasons, the event had to be digital. We organized an interactive digital experience that really energized the employees. To grow the enthusiasm, the participants received a surprise box at their homes. In the box were three smaller boxes, only to be opened on specific moments during the 2 day event. The live show started with a dance off. With pumping beats the attendees were motivated to dance along, the perfect way to get the energy flowing. The first gift box gave them the attributes to really live the moment at their home office.

The live stream continued with a dynamic show of live speakers, video calls with international colleagues and a quiz. The support of impressive visuals and video content created for the occasion, made it pleasant to watch the show. After that it was again time for some action. Together with members of the Leadership Team we launched the HAKA challenge. A challenge for the different teams to do a virtual HAKA during the team break outs. This was edited in a compilation video to kick off day 2 with the same high energy level of the first day. To end the plenary session of the first day, Steven Van Belleghem inspired the employees with some interesting insights.

Day 2 of the kick off was a day full of team sessions and workshops. At the end of the day, and to close the virtual event, we offered a networking session. A moment to reflect on the learnings and highlights of the 2 days, together with hands-on tips to create interactive digital meetings. For this project, The Oval Office was in charge of the general theme and concept, branding, the interactive moments, creation of visual support and the technical aspects of the live stream.

“We were very happy to create this event together with The Oval Office. Special thanks for the technical support and the proactive follow-up of the entire team, as this gave us of mind to organize this energizing and engaging employee experience. ” - Gina Volkaert, Country Head Communications & Patient Engagement Novartis Belux

Elia Gathers 500 managers during Online Event

The We Are One internal stakeholders day targeted 500 team leaders in Belgium and Germany, communicating the company’s strategy for the next 5 years. A hybrid physical setting was created, giving stage to 5 keynote speakers, managers and moderators. Show edited and streamed live with 7 cameras on an online branded platform. Inclusive whitespace moments with live cooking show.

Employee Communication Days inspire HR and Corporate Communication professionals through digital workshops and keynotes 

The first ever Digital Employee Communication Days was organised at the initiative of Vonk and ABCi, the Belgian associations for internal communication who gather knowledge on communication by organizing regular meetings with other communication professionals from companies, public services and non-governmental organizations. 

Initially, we proposed a 1-day event including several keynotes, plenary sessions, and workshops but due the health and security circumstances, we transformed the live event to a digital experience of 5 days during which 15 speakers were invited for presenting their vision and cases on topics such as leadership communication, and employee engagement and alignment. For a week, more than 300 attendees participated online, via an interactive platform and were able to enter in dialogue with the speakers and connect with their peers. The last day, participants got the opportunity to exchange experiences via zoom sessions with a network of 250 other professionals in the field. For this project, The Oval Office was also in charge of creating the communication around the event i.e. the visual identity, the creation of the platform etc...

Find out more about the digital events created by our office such as  Adecco, UGent, Great Place to Work and many others.


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