Let Your Heart Speak

Human Forward: that’s what the Randstad brand stands for. As a global leader in HR services, Randstad combines its passion for people with the power of today’s technology, allowing its employees to support people and organisations all over the world in realising their full potential.

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The employee programme, Randstad With Heart, brings this brand promise to life. Launched in October 2018, the programme enables the company’s 38,000 employees to volunteer eight hours of their time – during working hours – for a charity of their choice. Over 300,000 hours annually are donated in support of communities and volunteer projects worldwide.

To help motivate employees around the world to participate in the programme, our employee communication experts created the Let Your Heart Speak campaign.

We introduced the global campaign by handing out heart-shaped leaflets and gift cards attached to heart-shaped balloons, symbolising eight hours of volunteer work.

The campaign was further strengthened by social media posts on Buzz, Randstad’s internal communication platform. Employees posted pictures with their balloons on launch day, along with regular updates on individual and team volunteering efforts, allowing everyone to follow the campaign’s progress.

Randstad’s CEO Jacques van den Broek was actively involved in kicking off the campaign in a video message asking employees to pitch the projects they’re passionate about and tell him why he should support them. Jacques committed to volunteer his time with the winning project in 2019.

Bart Van Wanrooij
Bart van Wanrooij Managing Partner
The Oval Office

It’s great when a global company like Randstad wants to invest in social involvement. The knowledge and expertise they’re able to put into effect can have a huge impact on people and projects worldwide. It is precisely this sincere and authentic attitude that inspired our campaign concept, Let Your Heart Speak! Not a snappy campaign slogan, but a personal call to action that appeals to people’s intrinsic motivation. Something that has led to many wonderful results.



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