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BMW Pure Emotions combines powerful engines and powerful emotions. Exclusive cars and exclusive experiences. Motion and emotion.

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In 2012, we created the BMW Club7 loyalty programme for BMW Belux, which was rebranded as BMW Pure Emotions at the end of 2018. During all these years and until today, we’ve been offering BMW customers in the high-end segment a range of memorable experiences for years, which go far beyond their driving pleasure while also promoting customer loyalty.

BMW Live Experiences
BMW Live Experiences

On the BMW Pure Emotions website, which we manage, members can register for exceptional benefits and unique experiences within eight categories. We carefully curate these experiences, specifically tailored to the wishes and interests of the members. As soon as they indicate their personal interests, they receive a tailor-made offer.

To mention just a few examples: Be blown away by the most beautiful car routes abroad. Sit at the table of a star chef. Experience premieres as a VIP and get a glimpse behind the scenes. The list goes on.

Whatever members choose, the loyalty programme allows BMW Belux to delight its customers by making them feel appreciated, while transforming them into real brand ambassadors. Since the start of the programme, both brand preference and engagement have increased.

The figures speak for themselves: the programme started with 1,100 members in 2012, growing to around 6,200 members in 2020. In 2019, we created 104 live experiences and were awarded a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 9,29.

The Oval Office also created and manages the loyalty programmes BMW Luxury Drives and BMW M League.

Annick Nees
Annick Nees Client Service Director
The Oval Office

It gives us enormous pleasure to see that our loyalty programme for our client BMW Belux is a success. Our members think it's fantastic to be able to enjoy the brand, not just from the car, but from outside it too.


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