On Friday June 2nd, The Oval Office celebrated its 5th anniversary in the presence of about 200 clients and co-workers during an event in Hôtel de la Poste located on the Tour & Taxis site, where the Brussels office of the agency is also situated. The guest of honour at this exclusive birthday celebration was Cody Keenan, President Obama’s Chief Speechwriter from 2013 up till now.


Five years after the agency introduced Live Communication in Belgium, The Oval Office celebrates its birthday with the launch of a new website, an even more extensive version of their annual magazine and a client event with guest of honour Cody Keenan, Barack Obama’s Director Speechwriter. Often described as the ‘Hemingway’, but also the ‘Springsteen’ of the White House,

during more than 3500 live events, Keenan has produced the most memorable and inspiring speeches of our recent political history, in collaboration with Obama. During the event, he talked about ‘the power of authentic storytelling and live communication’ and gave the audience personal tips about writing an effective and successful speech.


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