New habits, new tariffs

Everything changes. We know it, the Greek have always known. Panta Rhei. But what we will always remember from January 2023 is the increase in electricity bills. For VREG (the Flemish Energy Regulator) we developed an awareness-raising campaign that gave citizens a better view of their electricity consumption while informing them about the new network tariffs.

A fun, promotional campaign, in which an electricity wire - the bearer par excellence - came to life. The further the figure walked, the more electrified his world became. At the end of his walk, nothing really changes, as the electricity grid is perfectly capable of meeting the increasing electricity demand. 

This campaign focused on the TV spot and invited viewers to check out www.nieuwenettarieven.be. Thanks to clever native advertising, a content marketing campaign and a TV and online campaign, Flemish people are now much better informed.

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