UHasselt cares about what students and staff really want

Graduating cum laude? A distant memory. Yet, today we excel on subjects from 'the university of life', and we still enjoy working with universities, such as UHasselt. We have been their permanent marketing and communication partner ever since 2020, and every year we devise an internal and external communication marketing plan. With much gusto.

An example? Sure! With the 'What do you want' campaign, we aimed to boost the recruitment of new students and employees. And who better than students and employees could play the leading role? We asked them several pertinent questions about UHasselt and received valuable answers in return, highlighting the USPs of the unique UHasselt educational model.  

With "What do you want?" we - first and foremost - addressed students: “What do you really want?” is a very challenging question, because many students follow the advice of  their parents, teachers and friends, especially when it comes to choosing a study programme.

The campaign is almost entirely digital, with a social advertising campaign, programmatic buying, a radio spot on Spotify, web radio and videos. We also go to the places where students are and reach them via cinema spots, ads in courses, posters in high schools and a postcard for final-year students.

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