‘Upgrade your moment’ with Pineau Des Charentes

When the famous French liquor wine Pineau Des Charentes knocked at our door – presenting a crate of great bottles – and asked us to come up with a campaign that would increase their brand awareness among a mainly Flemish target group we did not hesitate one bit.

It took us a couple of days to develop a communication campaign – target: consumers, importers and distributors – that put the French apero back on the map.

Today – more than ever – we yearn for experiences and unforgettable moments. The Upgrade your moment campaign started with the launch of the Pineau Ginger Bliss, a delicious cocktail created by bartender Rob 'Big Daddy' Biesmans. The cocktail starred in the 'Upgrade your moment' experiences in beach and summer bars and in the online and social media campaign.


  • Integrated Communication
  • Digital & Social
  • Live Experiences