Adding flavour to a showcase

“It’s that time of the year again!” “What? What’s happening?” “The annual Delhaize Food Show!!” “For real?!” “Yes! And oh boy, have I’ve been looking forward to this!” It could have been a real conversation – and it probably was -, because the End Of Year Foodshow is one of Delhaize’s yearly highlights. Managers, affiliates, and franchisees get to taste the Christmas period products and dive into the end of year ambiance … talking about perks.

Challenge: design a full event experience
Challenge accepted.

The Oval Office created a temporary plenary arena with 1.500 seats hosting the information sessions and transformed an expo hall into Belgium’s largest food market. Ho ho ho! Visitors wandered through a Christmas themed environment and discovered many new products and tasted original recipes. Prepared by chefs. It was njom-njom all over.




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