'OK' is not always OK!

"Damn! My Instagram account has been hacked!" There is not a day that goes by without someone becoming a victim of cybercrime. And even though a lot of people already know that they need to protect their data properly, there is still a need for a big behavioural change in smartphone use. Enter The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. We created for them an awareness campaign for all Belgian users, focusing on better and safer smartphone use.  

The campaign slogan “OK is not always OK!” had people think twice before installing an app and put them on the right track to better secure their smartphone. In other words: don’t trust everything at once. It wasn’t rocket science. It was a matter of common sense.

The multimedia campaign was segmented. First Wallonia, then Brussels and Flanders. We used the radio, television, social media, SEA, programmatic buying and native advertising.

600 k

media value


  • Integrated Communication
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