Driving loyalty with live experiences

Happy customers, loyal customers. But how do you keep your customers close to your brand? By making an emotional connection. Make customers happy and add a dash of emotion. At BMW they have mastered this skill. That is why the luxury car brand belongs to the global top when it comes to brand loyalty.

BMW Pure Emotions and BMW M League are two Loyalty Programs that we have developed for BMW Belux. Thanks to personalised communication both programs deliver powerful live experiences and memorable rewards.

Our connection with BMW goes way back. 13 years ago, we created the BMW Pure Emotions Program, from scratch, especially for those people who expect a little more from their cars and life. For this specific program we carefully thought up several exclusive, personal activities, client-tailored, all centred around sports, comfort, lifestyle, driving, culture, music, gastronomy and travel.

These worlds bring a new form of luxury, more exclusive and personal than ever. For those at the wheel of innovation and progress, while knowing the art of exclusive enjoyment.

+ 12 000

members, + 250 events/year


  • Loyalty Communication
  • Live Experiences
  • Content Creation
  • Fine dining at BMW’s Pure Emotions End of Year Dinner

    To celebrate the end of the year – and go out with a culinary bang – we organised an exclusive Michelin chef starred dinner party to thank BMW’s select community. 

    Luxury cars, gourmet dishes, products from exclusive suppliers, delicacies, passionate professionals … could we have come up with something else to delight the attendees? Sure! How about a winter menu, cooked up by three Michelin chefs? Experience driven to the max, thanks to Lionel Rigolet, Roger van Damme and David Martin.