Nature & Forest blossoms on social media

Need more online engagement? Who doesn't! Cute animals and pics of beautiful scenery do the trick. It has certainly helped the Agency for Nature and Forests to generate more traffic, but besides providing visitors with thumb stopping content they also needed visitors to read more serious topics. That’s where we came in. In 2020 we developed a long term SoMe-strategy that focuses on creating a good balance between popular snackable content and more serious topics. I.e. we regularly organise online games and make IG-story quizzes. 

And then there is the annual campaign. A challenge! In 2022, for example, our Who's The Bos campaign highlighted 30 Nature & Forest and Sport Vlaanderen nature runs. Our aim was to challenge people to test the nature runs and turn their experience into social media posts. Influencers such as Saartje Vandendriessche, Pieter Timmers and Maarten Van Gramberen got on board. Despite a limited campaign budget we effectively got hundreds of people running, with a lot of online organic visibility. Now that was a nice outcome!  

In total, we managed to increase the number of Facebook and Instagram followers by 10% and on LinkedIn even by 30%. Since the implementation of our long-term strategy, ANB has seen a significant increase in organic figures, both in terms of reach and engagement.


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