Put the e-pedal to the metal

MagMetal is the electronic, interactive member magazine of the ABVV-Metal trade union. It is published four times a year.

The e-zine is ABVV-Metal's moral and social identity card. MagMetal shows who ABVV-Metal is, what they consider important and offers members an insight into the rapidly changing society and topics that matter. High-profile interviews, strong dossiers and enlightening blogs ...  That is why MagMetal has avid readers. 

Since 2012 we have been responsible for the content, editing, coordination, layout and online promotion. Every edition is a challenge to find the right balance between content, beautiful portraits and a strong design. After our editorial and graphic work we distribute the online distribution via mailings and a social media campaign. 

The creation of this magazine is done in close cooperation with the ABVV-Metaal communication team. True teamwork, that’s whassup!

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