Brussels Inspired by
the heartbeat of Europe

Of course, Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the heart of Europe. But it is so much more. A melting pot of 180 nationalities, with 108 different languages spoken and 55% of the residents who were not born in Belgium. This makes Brussels vibrant and truly cosmopolitan. Our eclectic workspace reflects this quirky and unconventionally beautiful city. When you pass by, drop in for the perfect breakfast from our neighbour, the HQ of Le Pain Quotidien. Salut!

To get to the office, follow Avenue du Port along the canal. Admire the original cobblestone paved road on your way to number 86C. It’s a bit bumpy, but absolutely charming. We love it. You’ll enter the Royal Warehouse, on the former industrial site Tour & Taxis. It’s a beautiful 19th century glass, brick, and iron building converted into a multipurpose commercial space. We’re on the ground floor. You’ll see a big window with The Oval Office and The People at about the hallway’s midpoint. Enter there and make yourself at home.