Antwerp Inspired by

Antwerp, an atypical mix of the most trendy fashion design, the historical centre of diamond-industry and one of the main international ports of the world. This combination makes our team what they are: creative innovators, authentic craftspeople and world-citizens. You feel this spirit when entering our offices, literally overlooking the entire city. When you’re in town, drop in and join us for the amazing view. Tot snel!

Our office is on the 10th floor of the WATT Building, in Antwerp’s Harmonie neighbourhood. Ring the doorbell on the ground floor. You’ll see it. It’s right between the yellow letter boxes on the left. Katleen, our delightful office manager, will guide you to the visitor elevator. Make sure you find the one marked “Visitors”- otherwise you won’t get to our floor. Press the “B” button and hop on the single elevator on your left side and choose the 10th floor. When the doors slide open, we’ll be there to greet you..