Amsterdam Inspired by
innovation and diversity

Amsterdam is a city unlike any other. There are no high-rise buildings, no palaces, no castles. Imagine water everywhere: long, curvy canals, bridges connecting narrow cobbled streets. Understated and mesmerising. And yet, as capital of The Netherlands it belongs to the top 5 innovative regions of the world. Dutch people are known to be extroverted, helpful and direct. Just like our own officers. So when you pass by, drop in to our office for een kopje koffie and a really good chat. Doei!

Welcome to the Diamond factory. And with diamonds we don’t mean our colleagues, although they shine just as bright. Actually the biggest diamond in the world was cut here. How’s that for inspiration! 

The easiest way to reach us is by public transit or, in true Amsterdam style, by bike. If you want to come by car, there is a parking garage next to our office. Do keep in mind that the parking is only reachable from the Amsteldijk. When you walk up to our beautiful building, you can’t miss our logo on the window. Come in and our officers will greet you!