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We are The People, a professional agency that delivers hosts and brand ambassadors for brand activations, among other things. We ensure that brands are really experienced. In stores, on the street or during fairs and events. Maybe you have even met us... We are the face of well-known brands such as Nintendo, Jupiler, JURA, BMW, Google, Tesla and JustEat Takeaway.com. Our team of young passionate brand ambassadors, hosts and promoters represent brands, products and services in places and moments where the target group really meets the brand. Do you like this and would you like to work for us? You can! 

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JURA is organising demonstrations at various JURA dealers throughout the Netherlands, including De Bijenkorf, Media Markt, Coolblue and numerous coffee shops. JURA is also present at various trade fairs to promote and support sales of JURA fully automatic coffee makers. The demonstrations are organized in particular from September to January and from March to June. During these months, many demonstrations are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday. As soon as we receive any requests from JURA for product demonstrations, we will forward them to you. So you will know in time when you can or cannot be scheduled. This is useful for planning around your studies and for your commitment to us! 

What does your workday look like, I hear you thinking?

As soon as you get out of bed in the morning, send us an app to make sure you're ready to start your working day. You put on your JURA outfit and head off to the dealer. Once you arrive at the dealership, you wear your biggest smile. You introduce yourself to the contact person, check that your setting is in order and set up all the necessary materials. During your working day you approach the visitors proactively by offering them a delicious cup of coffee. And of course you will explain more about the premium coffee machines from JURA (of course you will be trained by us and JURA). You listen carefully to the customer and give advice based on his or her needs and wishes. You can inform them about the special offer in order to encourage them to buy directly from you. At the end of your working day you leave your workplace spick and span. Once at home, you write a short evaluation of the day. You send this to us, together with the completed checklist and photos of the invoices & vouchers of the machines sold. That way we know how your day went and which machines were sold by you!

"The great thing about giving JURA demos is that you get to speak to many different people. You also learn how to become a good salesperson and all that while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee!"

A few things we think are important..

  • You are prepared to attend a one-day professional training course in which a JURA employee teaches you everything you need to know about automatic coffee machines and product demonstrations, and you are willing to update your knowledge independently using the JURA academy tool;
  • You enjoy passing on your knowledge of JURA fully automatic coffee machines to others and getting them enthusiastic about buying one. Knowledge of coffee is an advantage;
  • You are available for at least one season (six months) and can work at least two weekends a month;
  • You are willing to be the back up, in case of illness. Of course there is a compensation for this;
  • You enjoy working at a different location each time and meeting new people;
  • You have no problem traveling by car or public transport to dealers and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands (paid, of course!);
  • You have a great sense of responsibility and can work independently;
  • You are a proactive, reliable and honest employee who we can count on and who is easily accessible and on time!

Like what you read? This is what we have to offer you!

  • Flexible work. Every week there are several demonstrations for which you can register. So you can decide for yourself when and where you want to be scheduled;
  • The perfect job for the weekend. The demonstrations are mainly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday;
  • A great opportunity to develop your commercial skills;
  • Professional training from a JURA employee and a personal account for the JURA academy to keep your knowledge up to date;
  • The opportunity to be part of The People and therefore you can also work for other great brands besides JURA if you wish!
  • A contract based on the ABU CLA for Temporary Workers with a competitive salary and a good scheme for travel hours and travel costs (we also have possibilities for ZZP-ers); 
  • Personal approach, attention and guidance;
  • An opportunity to greatly expand your network.

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