Employees are the true influencers

By Evy Donse, Client Director and Mieke Fonck, Employee Communication Strategist

When investing in content marketing many organisations tend to overlook one of the most effective strategies: engaging employees and turning them into brand advocates. We believe that employees can be the source of high-quality content that resonates with internal and external audiences. Employees can operate as real “influencers”. To create new business, to attract the right candidates and to boost proudness amongst the employees.

Employees actively involved, motivated to give the best of themselves every day, and convinced of their personal added value, have a positive impact on your company. And that is exactly what internal content marketing does: align employees with your company vision and ambition.

Internal Content Marketing

In our White Paper we share the 4 main steps involved in creating an internal content strategy

  • Show understanding and empathy for both employees and customers.
  • (Co-)Create relevant, valuable and true stories.
  • Tell the stories through an effective mix of interactive digital and live media.
  • Measure and adapt your strategy continuously.

Download our White Paper on Internal Content Marketing