Don’t be afraid to be creative

By Rodrigue Falémé, Managing Director The Oval Office France

It’s been a tough year, no doubt about that. But allow me to challenge your perception, just for a moment. Because have you ever stopped to marvel at the explosion of creativity this past year? Yes, the endless TikTok challenges and internet memes may have brightened our days while we were at home, locked away behind our computer screens.

But the corona crisis has also challenged us to come up with all sorts of inventive solutions. From health professionals developing new drugs and strategies for combating the spread of the virus to teachers and parents reinventing education while schools are closed; creativity has taken many unexpected forms this past year.

Creative ideas help to overcome challenges, whether to contain a pandemic, provide essential services, rethink society, entertain people for a moment, or make them experience brands. Creativity is not the prerogative of just a few great minds and innovators; it is intrinsic to mankind. Just watch how babies and children explore the world around them, how inventive they are, how nothing will stop them getting where they want to be.

Education, experience, failures, challenges, and even criticism shape our creative potential. David Kelley, one of the developers of design thinking, argues that we are all creative and the lack of creativity is linked to the lack of creative confidence. Creativity is just a muscle that can be strengthened and maintained through effort and experience, he says.

I like to share this viewpoint. Nobody should be afraid to be creative. And in our industry, I believe we need to challenge brands to be more empathetic and use creativity to help solve consumer problems and needs.

Watch hereunder the Ted Talk given by David Kelley. (source: YouTube)