It really is a great place to work Trust is the strategy that works everywhere.


We all want to work somewhere great. Somewhere we can be ourselves, trust each other and rely on those that lead us forward. When you feel supported, you shine. For over 35 years and in 60 countries worldwide, ‘great places to work’ are recognised and celebrated for developing a culture based on trust, where everybody is given the chance to reach their full potential. Thanks to a similar mindset and culture, our partnership on both an executional and strategic level has proved to be a winning formula. For two years running, values such as passion, personal, astuteness, and empathy have helped us make personal connections and celebrate all that is good about work.

We connect Great Place to Work with passionate employers and employees. For real.


The forerunners, the dream chasers and the pushers for better.

Never waste a good crisis, as the saying goes. Recent events have pushed us all to do better, to learn new ways of meeting new needs. Acting quickly, decisively and courageously is key. And our live award show celebrated and recognised the forerunners. The dream chasers for new ways, the investigators of new standards, the pushers for better. Becoming and remaining a Best Workplace takes courage. Vision. Drive. And so we put on a whirlwind live show for Best Workplaces and non Best Workplaces, with winners in every category from Small Business to Multinational. An event that connected employers and employees, that showcased best practices and inspired new ideas. And we won’t stop until we see a greater revolution: a world of best workplaces. Led by you…


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unique viewers joined our live stream (despite the screen fatigue that has plagued us all these last months)


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