By Benoît Barennes, Creative Director 

"Feeling connected with one another is a basic need. It’s what makes communication so beautiful."

We wanted to pay tribute to communication. Communication that makes sense, that is genuine, empathetic, sincere, caring. At a time when our sector is rightly being questioned, we wanted to emphasise the essential added value of communication in our society. At the same time, we wanted to express our pride in exercising this beautiful profession, day after day.

To do this, we had to go back to the basics of communication, stripped of its artifice. Where creativity rhymes with simplicity. We chose a simple meeting between two people, two strangers who share in all transparency who they are. Which convictions, doubts, regrets, projects, etc. govern their lives. And in which they listen with great empathy to the other. Communication in its purest form.

So we created a place where the magic could happen naturally. We placed our oval table in the middle of people's daily lives, at a kiosk in the heart of Paris, as a symbol of our agency and our vision of communication. In this amiable setting, we invited chance passers-by to take a seat at the table for a good conversation. 

No stunt effects designed to force fate. Instead, a single instruction to guide participants: "You have 20 minutes to feel connected".

As with any experiment, we took a chance, "Is this enough? Won't it be superficial? For sure, people will only make small talk!". Sometimes this was true. But most of the time, the exchanges won us over with their spontaneity, freshness, complicity and intimacy. Connections took place, for real, as expected.

Proof that communication is strong when it is experienced by its participants. For real.


Short film directed in collaboration with Arsène Chabrier and produced by Marion Courcoux - 11 min 43.

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