We all need a boost in empathy

By Isabelle van Hedel, Production Director

Last April, KPN, the largest telecom provider in The Netherlands organised its annual business conference The Digital Dutch. This year’s opening keynote was given by well-known marketing author Steven Van Belleghem and imagine my great pleasure when I heard him say that what organisations really need today is a boost in empathy.

Steven stated that the corona crisis has proven that agile brands and organisations can overcome digital and technological challenges quite easily. But what we really need to focus on is the human, more empathetic side of the business. To cope with the new expectations and needs of employees and customers, every organisation has to reflect on its “human” relationship with people and bridge the empathetic gap existing between them.

Today, empathy is one of the most important drivers for brands and businesses. I couldn't agree more!

Watch the short keynote Steven addressed during Digital Dutch 2021. (Source: YouTube)